Monitoring your progress to UN 17 sustainability goals

With the UN’s 17 world goals, there are completely new opportunities to be specific about how we ourselves and how we in our companies contribute to creating a sustainable world for future generations.

The task of ‘tracking’ and monitoring our efforts in relation to the 17 world goals has just begun, although some have practiced with CSR strategies, goals and efforts. Together with small and medium-sized companies, we will automate the task – in order to create visibility in an administratively easy way.

In 2021, we are looking for companies that will participate in a pilot collaboration / in a pilot cluster with us – where we together create an attractive solution based on internal and external data that shows companies’ commitment and contribution to sustainability.

All necessary data will not be available for a start, but the solution will be expanded with relevant modules and relevant granularity as data becomes available.

In 2021, Blue12 will basically focus on data within the following UN SDGs:

  • Responsible consumption and production – goal no. 12
  • Sustainable energy – goal no. 7
  • Clean water and sanitation – goal no. 6

and on data that are relevant in a Danish Nordic context.

Let’s together show the outside world how it can be done!