Efficient operation

Show the pulse of quality and efficiency in operation. Go from policies and goals to data collection – and to simple dashboard reporting.

QCD reporting (Quality, Cost, Delivery performance) contains only a selection of the parameters that may be relevant for operational and quality reporting. There is a wide range of frameworks, each with its own management parameters – and which reflect the different needs and approaches of organizations.

View the pulse of what is and may be relevant in your business.

View the pulse of what may be relevant in your business.

View the heart rate on Quality – eg:

  • Internal waste
  • Faults and defects
  • Unnecessary handling – ‘rework’
  • Flawless handling

View your heart rate on Cost – eg:

  • Units per person pr. day / week
  • Units per production unit per day / week
  • OEE performance (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

View the heart rate on Delivery – eg:

  • Inbound from suppliers – times and errors in input control
  • Outbound to customers – times
  • Complaints from customers
  • Customer satisfaction

There are many options and details. We start simple and work consistently to create simple and clear dashboards.