Take financial overviews to a new level

Standard reporting, which comes at a fixed frequency, can help to create safety and security for the company’s financial partners.

Have standard reporting sent to relevant stakeholders:

  • Adapt the content and form of the reporting to the individual stakeholder based on your own or financial partner’s template
  • Uniform every time, saves time both internally and externally

Get relevant data compiled from different data sources:

  • The finance / ERP system
  • Sales systems
  • Operating systems
  • Manual systems

Have relevant dashboards prepared that show, for example:

  • Financial reporting
  • Key figures and benchmark data
  • Risk overview and plan
  • SWOT
  • Market data
  • Strategy, goals and follow-up of results
  • etc.

We strive for the right level of information, at the right time, for the right people in the right form. This also applies and perhaps especially to the company’s financial partners.