Get real time knowledge of your employees

Does your company also have a dream that:

  • Ensure employees the right qualifications at any given time
  • Be able to put together the best teams for task solution
  • Provide the business with intelligent real-time information about the HR status of the company
  • Predict employee behavior
  • Benchmark the company against industry standard.

The solution is then to seek out and illustrate patterns in staff and competencies – internal hr data in new ways, compared with data from external sources. This can be done by:

  • Make X-rays of the company’s ‘human capabilities’
  • Collect data at the knowledge level and experience level in the company
  • Analyze risks of employees (dismissals, illness, etc.) and the condition of the employees – physical / mental health
  • Monitor flows in the company and match the company’s needs with realities in the environment
  • Benchmark the company against the industry index

Facts in the form of:

  • Employee data (Name, age, residence, etc.)
  • Salary, seniority, last salary increase, last course, etc.
  • Level of education (primary school, upper secondary etc.)
  • Sick leave
  • Costs
  • Gender
  • Children (number)
  • Position Organization / staffing / positions
  • … translated into …

… Relevant overview of:

  • Risk
  • Performance
  • Health condition
  • Creativity
  • Stability
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Stress level
  • Employee satisfaction
  • … and much more

The preferred method is ‘Automatically harvested’ information, but data is not always available digitally, so ‘Entered’ information may be temporarily needed.