Access to your financial data

Get a comprehensive overview of the finances with a few views on PC, tablet or phone

  • result items
  • balance sheet items
  • key figures

Get the opportunity to understand and analyze the development by digging into the data in more detail

  • drill-down in own data
  • comparison with previous years
  • comparison with budget
  • comparison with other companies

See the development in profit and loss items:

  • revenue, gross margin and profit
  • variable costs, staff costs, capacity costs
  • depreciation, financial and extraordinary items
  • … and other items from the income statement

See the development in balance sheet items:

  • fixed assets, financial and current assets
  • equity, provisions, current and non-current liabilities
  • inventory, work in progress, debtors, creditors and liquidity
  • … and other items from the balance sheet

See the development in financial ratios:

  • contribution and profit ratio, as well as various cost percentages
  • rate of return, solvency and liquidity ratio
  • … and other key figures

It only takes a little to make your financial data available in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Get constantly updated.